Sister Mary Ellen Neeves, OSU

Sr. Mary Ellen Neeves, OSU

St. Louis, Missouri

For me, there are two truths that are the foundation for living contemplatively:

1) The presence of the Holy One is in all created reality;
2) God meets me where I am, physically and psychologically.

To be contemplative then is to look, to listen, to be still in the face of what is. It is to let “what is” be the place where the Holy One is revealed. This takes many shapes and forms. The key is to look, to be aware of what is.

It is in the depths of life where I find the sacred presence of the Holy One: in the ordinary, everyday happenings in my life; in my city, in our world, in the spectacular beauty of creation; in the reality of good health and illness; in the experience of loss and limitations; in the gifts of music, dance, art and books; and in the blessings of family, community and friends.

This is where God meets me. It is in that meeting that I begin to see that all of life is one. God is here in this moment. God finds me where I am. Can I find God where the holy is?