Sr. Ann Marie Owen, OSU

Sr. Ann Marie Owen in Springfield, Mo.I was born and educated in Chicago, and I fell in love with the Ursuline Sisters while in junior high. My parents loved the sisters and encouraged me to be around them. I was attracted by the fun they had together, and their devotion and spirit of sacrifice. Upon graduation, I followed my heart and went into training to become an Ursuline.

For more than 30 years, I taught elementary school, high school and religious education in the St. Louis archdiocese and in Alton and Decatur, Ill. I also served in several social ministries in St. Louis.
I have ministered in the Springfield-Cape Girardeau Diocese for 17 years. I began as a case manager at the Missouri Hotel Homeless Shelter. Since then I have worked with Burrell Behavioral Health as a case worker and now as a member of the Crisis Line. I also volunteer with hospice and knit items for adults and youth who are homeless.
After 57 years, I continue to love being an Ursuline and meeting the challenges of today's world.
Sr. Ann Marie Owen at work at Burrell Behavioral Health in Springfield.