Ursuline cross



2018 Jubilarians

75 Years 

Sister Mary Ann Luth, OSU 

Sister Mary Ann Luth
Ministry of Prayer
Eureka, Missouri        




 65 Years

Sister Joan Bretz. OSU 

Sister Joan Bretz
Ministry of Prayer
Eureka, Missouri 


Sister Margaret Mary Cain
Pastoral Work

Sister Margaret MAry Cain, OSU 

Sister Thersa Pelletier, OSU

Sister Theresa Pelletier
Community Service
Waterville, Maine





60 Years 

Sister Barbara Becnel, OSU

Sister Barbara Becnel
Ministry of Prayer
New Orleans, Louisiana 



 Sister Glenda Bourgeois
Community Service; Presence
Dallas, Texas

Sister Glenda Bourgeois, OSU
Sister Julia Genetti, OSU

Sister Julia Genetti
Music Ministry
Alton, Illinois



Sister Mary Frances Judge
Artist, Graphologist
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Sister Mary Frances Judge, OSU

Sister Pauline Lorhc, OSU

Sister Pauline Lorch
Prioress of Missouri Cluster
Saint Louis, Missouri


Sister Madonna O'Hara
Director of Province Office of Sponsorship
Saint Louis, Missouri

Sister MAdonna O'Hara, OSU 



Sister Francis Marie Thrailkill, OSU 


Sister Francis Marie Thrailkill
Ministry of Prayer
New Orleans, Louisiana

Sister Marianne Mullen
Community Service;
Ministry with the elderly
Alton, Illinois

Sister Marianne Mullen, OSU 

50 Years 

Sister Madeline Kelly, OSU 

Sister Madeline Kelly
Works with Associates; visits
homebound and nursing home patients; Spiritual Direction; Choir
San Antonio, Texas

Sister Deana Walker
Delegate for St. Agnes
Assisted Living Center
Saint Louis, Missouri

Sister Deana Walker, OSU