"Crescentia's Hands" — photo by Sister Madeline Kelly, OSUThe Ursuline spirit is rooted in and draws its nourishment from prayer. Ursulines set aside a time and a place each day for encountering God. As Jesus taught us, prayer begins with God. It is our face-to-face encounter with the living God.

From these prayers said in quiet devotion, or from reading a passage in the Gospels, we are led into meditation, where our own words from our heart reach out to God or enter into Jesus’ story in the Gospels.

In prayer, God comes to meet us in a direct encounter in which we feel presence and joy without words, the joy of contemplating God. We experience God as creator, savior, Spirit among us. When we pray, we take with us before God the people and events that are part of our everyday lives. Our families and those we love, those we live and work with, those who need our care, wherever they are—these we take with us as we are present before God in prayer.